Richard Pawlowski is the emerging new expert in the affects of feminism on the American male. He's a retired architect and developer who has also had over 30 real estate offices and 150 salespeople working for him. He wrote this book to help men and women better understand themselves in relation to the growing misuse of the enormous new power of American women. 

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The New Power of American Women

Our goal Is to enlighten both men & women about the emotional and chemical toxicity of bogus beauty

With keen, honest, and pragmatic insights, this book and website will improve relationships between men and women. This powerful new ebook may be especially important to foreign readers who need to know about American women and our complex, often bogus culture. American men are often the victims of American women and man or woman, YOU need to know why and how this is happening. 

Useful, Pragmatic Views

Below the surface of the skins of American women is true beauty - and bogus beauty covers it up to the detriment of everyone. By eliminating make-up and toxic chemicals that surround the hyper-sexualization of American women, a better, safer and sustainable society can be built.               

  The Author

Find Esoteric Answers

To learn WHY women really don't need make up is very empowering to all women and men. Makeup is toxic and can also cause violence. All humans need to stop using and supporting bogus beauty. More equality for women will come from less makeup. Learn new strategies to help feed homeless and hungry children by eliminating makeup advertising on TV.


Business Insights

Running a business is not easy. With New Power of American Women, you will learn solutions to common management challenges facing all men and women in today's complex and fast-moving society. The overwhelming use of chemicals and emotionally toxic bogus beauty has put American men at a serious economic disadvantage and women in harm's way.

"I quickly discovered it took far more internal security to speak on behalf of men than to speak on behalf of women."
– Warren Farrell, PhD.
The Myth of Male Power