It's taken over 20 years of research to write and now ready for publication. Hundreds of personal interviews, books and articles are boiled down to the essence of what is happening to American women and how their growing power is affecting men and boys and girls. 

Sample excerpts:

“Femininity and competition between women are tightly interwoven. It is the feminine woman who really doesn’t like other women. She can’t afford to. To this woman, all women are rivals, since she has been defined by men in her person and appearance. Women compete with each other when they put on makeup, when they wear high heels, and short, narrow skirts that constrict their movement, when they dye their hair, and when they starve themselves. Femininity means looking better than other women - femininity means competition between women to look better to men. The problem is we all do it. -
Laura Tracy - The Competition Between Us

Men live in the shadows of women. Cultural values that reward good looks, strength, sexual prowess and traditional masculine behavior also disadvantage many men: disabled, weak, sick, obese, gay, old, ugly, impotent. ”  Richard Settersten, PhD., Professor, Oregon State University

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The Research

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Help in understanding the true power of American women

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If you've read "Lean In" or "The End of Men" - you should also read The New Power of American Women - because it covers what those feminists writers got wrong.


* How bogus beauty is increasing her competitiveness in everything and how it also hurts everyone.

* How her voice can prevent and/or create violence.

* How men and children are alienated and negatively affected by her narcissism.

* Why more men are becoming the victims of America's women.

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